Icon Builders

Occupied Renovation

ICON Builders specializes in the renovation of Family and Senior apartment projects. We are known in the industry as experts in Occupied Affordable Housing Renovation with over 23,000 Families and Seniors temporarily relocated without incident.

Occupied renovations have their own unique challenges. ICON Builders has a specific process in place to make the complicated work of renovation run smoothly. Our careful execution provides the least interference with Resident lives.


We gain an in-depth understanding of your project because we are actively involved in developing the work scope and budget. We focus on your interests as a long term Owner and our recommendations drive carefully thought out decisions with lasting results.

Allocate Resources

We start your project with a deep commitment, financial strength, and confidence from a successfully proven track record.

Plan Production Sequence

Sequence is determined far in advance of the actual work. This allows you to effectively communicate with Residents so that they are prepared for the rehabiliation of their homes. We work in a “fast track” fashion and complete projects in a remarkably short time frame.


ICON Builders prioritizes careful execution of our work and has the resources to follow through regardless of challenges that may arise.

Sustainable Builder

We understand the latest Accessibility Requirements and Energy Efficiency Upgrades and apply Sustainability principals to building environmentally-friendly housing.


We turn over a project in a COMPLETE condition, on time, every time.