Icon Builders

About Us

ICON Builders specializes in Renovation of Occupied Senior and Family Apartments. We have built or renovated over 19,500 Affordable Housing units.

Financial Strength

ICON Builders is one of only 10 Contractors in America to achieve a Zero Risk Score as named by Travelers Insurance, the world’s largest Surety Company. We have a Bond limit of $100 million per project, with a $300 million aggregate bond limit.

Construction Bonding

ICON Builders provides Performance and Payment Bonds for other General Contractors and Developers. The criteria for eligibility and terms varies widely. For information call at 310-450-5661 ext. 101.

Member Organizations

California Council for Affordable Housing (CCAH)
California Housing Consortium (CHC)
Housing California (HCA)
National Housing & Rehabilitation Association (NH&RA)
San Diego Housing Federation (SDHF)
Southern California Association of Non-Profit Housing (SCANPH)

Company Facts

  • Experts in Government Assisted, Tax Credit, and Bond Projects
  • Our HUD 2530 Previous Participation Certification lists over 13,000 units
  • Over $1.1 billion of construction projects completed
  • Bond limit of $100 million per project, with $300 million aggregate bond limit
  • Experts in the latest Accessibility Requirements and Energy Efficiency Upgrades
  • Specialize in Renovation of Occupied Senior and Family Apartments
  • Built or renovated over 19,500 Affordable Housing units
  • Temporarily relocated 23,000 Families and Seniors without incident
 Allen "Kelly" Sands
ICON Builders, Principal

“You and your team are valued colleagues and significant contributors to addressing the need for affordable housing in Southern California, and beyond. I appreciate your spirit of partnership, and the dedication and integrity that you bring to your work. Building affordable housing requires a particular sensitivity to design, resident needs, and future operations – you have invested time and energy to learn this industry well.”

~ Jeff Schaffer, Vice President
Enterprise Community Partners